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Cloud Hosting

 Cloud Hosting

We provide you high resiliency proficiencies for your essential business data & applications. Owesomesoft will bring to you the most user friendly cloud hosting plans best suited for your convenience. The infrastructure you wish for, the platform you want your website on, the kind of virtual servers you wish to host your website on, public or private, or Hybrid; we cater to your need.


Services for End-to-End Solutions
We provide you hosting solutions for all your problems with managed services delivered by a team of qualified IT professionals covering everything from OS, DB, Storage, Security, Network and Cloud. 

Round the clock environment
Our efficient self-developed and open source techniques ensure a round the clock management of your cloud, managing and maintaining your services. 

On demand scalability
The load balancing is smoothly managed to deliver your flexible bandwidth needs. Memory from multiple servers is used to ensure at any traffic the website utilises required bytes. 

Secured and Safe
A multi layered safety system ensuring your data is secure always. With prominent threats of data hacking going uphill, we make sure your website is safe from all. 

Low Cost Storage
Public Cloud hosting saves you a lot of money by providing cheaper public servers for your virtual platforms. 
Perfect Server Uptime
Our high-standard network design provides you a perfect server uptime.


Private Cloud Scales with you
Your own private cloud will provide you an environment adapting with your business plans and strategies. It will scale up and down your bandwidth requirements according to the traffic on your website, and interaction with your visitors. A cloud hosting service flexible to your need is what we promise.

High Privacy and better security
A private cloud provides better privacy as your server is shared with no other firm. Public clouds are safe but private clouds provide techniques such as distinct pools of resources with restricted access to connection made from behind one’s company firewall, dedicated leased lines etc. guaranteeing best security. 

Reliability and control
Your private cloud definitely will provide you higher control as it is solely managed by your firm. You can configure and manage it in-line with your needs to attain a tailored network solution. It is also more reliable because the network is more resilient from individual failure across the physical infrastructure.


Flexible Package
We provide you packages with flexible options under Hybrid cloud. You can opt for integrated service which makes an intelligent combination of private and public cloud services. You can also opt for a more hybrid package which uses both private cloud and public cloud in a judicious mix. Benefit of both
You can have benefit of both private and public cloud hosting, with enhanced security, and higher control, plus you get a cheaper storage facility with public cloud. 

We at Owesomesoft provide you with the best cloud hosting facilities for your website. With a team of skilled members working round the clock to guarantee your website runs spick and span; Owesomesoft promises you 100% satisfaction. That’s our aim, now and ever.


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