Re-Marketing Better targeted ad copy , Lower CPC or cost per clicks, Higher conversion rates


What is remarketing?

There are various visitors to a website that do not end up purchasing anything or even do not make an enquiry about the products and services offered. Remarketing is an ingenious way of connecting with such visitors. Targeted advertisements can be positioned in front of an audience that is well designed. There are various ways in which these advertisements can be delivered such as text or an image format as they browse somewhere else on the internet.

How does Remarketing work?

It works by placing cookies on the visitors’ machine when they meet a certain criteria. Their particular cookie ID is then added to the client’s remarketing list. A client can have multiple lists set up that have different criteria. For example the client may wish to target visitors that viewed a certain section of the website or a particular product’s web page but did not make a purchase or fill up an enquiry form.

What are the advantages of using remarketing?

Better targeted ad copy:
Knowing in advance that a potential customer has already visited a website and is aware about the product or service that the client is attempting to sell, the ad copy can be customized and targeted for such users. This will be different to the advertisements that clients would sue to target first time web site visitors. Many potential customers may be just one click away from buying the client’s product or service. What is needed is a slight push or more precisely a nudge that will tip over the visitor to finally make that purchase. These ads can be used over different periods of time such as days, weeks, months or even longer as required by the client. This serves as a constant reminder for such visitors to buy the product or service in question.

Lower CPC or cost per clicks: 
Generally the cost per clicks is lower when it comes to remarketing campaigns as they have a higher click through than traditional marketing campaigns. The visitor being targeted is already familiar with the product or service of the client and hence much more likely to click through the ads.

Higher conversion rates: 
The ultimate aim in marketing is to engage the visitor in some form or the other. A visitor to a website who is already aware about the brand or product/service is much more likely to convert to a customer rather than a person who is not even aware about it. This simple fact results in higher conversion rate for visitors when remarketing is used.

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