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 Domain Registration

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What is digital identity?
Digital identity is the identity of a person or company online. One is defined by the name that one chooses on the internet. Companies need properly named websites that are same as the name of their brands’ or companies’ name. Lots of online retail companies have suitable sounding names with cart or kart in their name or other key words such as deal. This is the digital identity.

Why is digital identity required?

Since every website is known by its name, choosing the name becomes very important. Since the name has to be the same as that of the company or brand, the domain name has to be registered. Once a domain name has been registered with someone, the right to using that website name stays with that person.

Beware of Domain squatting.

Domain squatting which is also referred to sometimes as cyber-squatting is the act of registering a particular domain name with the main intention of getting financial profit from the trademark that belongs to someone else.

So a particular company is very popular and famous but does not have a website. A cyber squatter then registers the domain name as the same name as that of the company’s brand name or trademark in order to profit from this registration. Sometime in the future when this particular company decides to make a website, the domain name will not be available as it has already been registered and the company may have to settle for something like a .net website or website. The com in .com stands for commercial and hence is best suited for companies and corporate. Register your domain name now.

We are digital marketing experts who will help you get the domain registration done so that the problems of cyber-squatting or domain squatting are avoided. This way our clients will not have problems where the .com domain name will not be available. One will not have to settle for a domain name like .org which does not suit the client properly. Even if one is not making a website or thinking of making a website anytime soon it is best to get the domain registration done so that the right to use a particular name is given and no one else can lay claim to that name. The name of a company is everything in today’s world. The name carries reputation, goodwill, a certain brand image, a certain perception in the eyes of its clients. Hence one should not wait till the making of the website to get the domain name registered. Besides domain name registration can be done at a value for money price while the price one pays for not registering it is huge and has huge repercussions. 

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