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 VPS Hosting

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What is VPS Hosting?
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In VPS hosting, we sell a virtual machine as a service to our clients. A virtual machine is emulation or copy of a particular computer machine or system. A VPS has its own personal copy of an operating system. The clients using the Virtual Private Server have super user level access to the servers. This gives them the power to install any software that can be run on the given operating system that is installed on the particular VPS.

What is the distinction between dedicated hosting service and VPS hosting service?

Practically and for functional purposes, dedicated servers are equal to virtual private servers. However virtual private servers being defined by software, they are more easily configured as well as created. The pricing is much lower than that of a dedicated server but as one VPS shares the underlying physical hardware with other VPSs, there is a difference in performance. Based on the workload of the other VPSs on the same physical hardware, the performance may be lower.

What are the various advantages or benefits that are associated with using VPS Hosting?

It is much cheaper to go for VPS hosting as compared to a dedicated service hosting. The dedicated hosting is more expensive because it uses a physical server for its hosting requirement which is not the case with VPS hosting.

A client’s Virtual private server can be customized and personalized as per the unique needs and requirements. So the client only pays for what he wants and nothing more or nothing less.

Highly scalable: 
One can start off small initially and as the requirement increases, the resources required can be increased as well and one can easily scale up to meet the increasing demands. There is no need or requirement to pay upfront for the growth that may or may not materialize in the future. If the growth however does in fact materialize, then one can easily scale up at that time. Thus it saves the client money that can be used somewhere else. 

More control:
Relative to or compared to shared hosting, there is more control in VPS hosting. Clients will get root access to the server and the ability to use and execute scripts that otherwise may not be allowed in shared hosting. Also the same level of technical help is available as compared to shared hosting.

Environment friendly and a green technology:
Since one is using a virtual server, the carbon footprint is reduced greatly. Also a physical server is being shared through the use of multiple virtual private servers. So in effect a client using VPS is only using what is required and no more of the resource thus making it environmentally friendly.

Better than shared hosting: In shared hosting, the other resources on the server can crash the server thus leading to down time for the client. This is not the case with VPS hosting as each client has his or her virtual private server.

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